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Parent Involvement Plan

Seth Lewelling Elementary School

Celebration of Learning

Describe key strategies planned to increase meaningful family involvement that is designed to build the schools’ and families capacity for family engagement, enhance home-school partnerships and improve student learning.

At Lewelling Elementary School, we recognize that family involvement is directly related to children’s academic success.  Therefore, we encourage family presence and leadership within our school community.  A number of events are planned throughout the school year to help facilitate and encourage family involvement.  Our Title I Family Involvement Plan includes:

Providing families with information on:

  • grade-level curriculum
  • their child’s achievement levels on state academic standards
  • requirements of Title I 
  • their child’s academic and social-emotional progress

Important and timely Information will be shared with families:

  • at parent-teacher conference
  • in the school newsletter
  • on the school and teacher websites
  • at Open House, Title I/Family Education Night
  • in multiple languages, with interpreters, if needed
  • School Messenger

Opportunities for active family engagement through:

  • PTO
  • Classroom and school volunteers
  • Lunch Buddy program
  • Field Day
  • Cultural Celebrations  
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Every Month Community Event

Information, input and feedback will be gathered from parents via:

  • co-development of the Parent Compact
  • PTO meetings
  • culturally or linguistically specific parent meetings 
  • District Family Survey