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Behavior Support Plan

School-wide Rules and Expectations

  1. Be Safe
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Be Responsible
  4. Be Kind

Lewelling Elementary is a violence-free zone. Students are expected to act responsibly at all times. We are dedicated to working cooperatively to solve problems in a positive way to make our school a pleasant place to live, work and play. When students choose not to follow rules, then immediate action is taken to teach appropriate behavioral skills and to motivate students to behave in a mature and responsible manner. Consequences for inappropriate behavior will increase in severity based on the number of previous offenses. Behaviors are divided into two levels depending on the severity of the behavior.

Level 1 Infractions - Possible Responses/Immediate Consequences 

  • Staff Managed Behaviors Practice appropriate behavior (do-over)
  • Problem Solving Sheet Phone Parent
  • Definition: Failure to follow school or classroom Timed out “Another Class” Loss of Privilege
  • rules and expectations. Timed out- in areas Community Service

Running in the hall, Loitering, Minor theft, Throwing objects, Spitting, Rough housing, Defiance, Intimidation, Disrespect, Disturbing others with voice or actions, Teasing/annoying others, Inappropriate language/gestures.

Level 2 Infractions - OFFICE REFERRAL:
Office Managed Behaviors Definition: Failure to follow school or classroom rules and expectations.


  • Intimidation/threat, Harassment/tease/taunt,
  • Persistent noncompliance of Rules, Fighting, Theft
  • Tobacco, Alcohol/Drugs, Vandalism
  • Defiance, Trespassing, Assault, Forgery/Lying, Weapons

Celebration of Positive Behaviors:

As part of our PBS Plan, we recognize students who have shown positive behavior by following school rules and expectations. We will host celebrations throughout the year to honor these students. These special celebrations may feature arts and crafts, outdoor games, BBQ, to name just a few. We will continue to recognize students with the following: Leopard Spots, Positive Paws, and Pride Tickets.